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the Tea Tree
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cuppa comfort, with a side of support
We're not in this World alone, so why try to struggle through it all alone, eh?

Pull up a chair, a nice cuppa, some (calorie-free) biscuits and have a word. Be it fitness management or relationship woes, sharing the load eases the burden. Together, we'll solve all our problems and be home in time for a candlelit soak and a good read.


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kat [userpic]
Joy to the World...

Just a brief update to say, 'Hallelujiah!'  I love my new job!  (And I haven't even really started on the work, yet)

Yes, the first day at work, and really, it was primarily meeting people and doing hiring paperwork, but really, even that is enough to feel like I have awoken from a nasty, repetitious 12-year-long dream and am now among career-minded and awesome people.  Not that I didn't work with some awesome people at the old job, but ALL of the people I was around today treated me like a person, and asked often if I wanted/needed anything.  You know, like I was an intelligent, educated, had-a-position-to-uphold person.  What a concept!

Out-of-town training will soon be in my future, but not sure when.  It's all superb, and exciting.  They're excited, as well, due to this being a new thing for them to have locally.  Yea!

On other news fronts... 

Men: well, I'm thinking I've wasted money on online dating, as it just never seems to work.  But there's hope in the new job, as a different class of people will be in my association circle.

Health: Still working out regularly, but still not seeing a difference, really.  Not in weight loss, anyway.  Am confused and frustrated, though (again, the new job helps because I'm not massively bored all day and eating to combat said boredom) some prgoress may be made if more attention is put on what I'm eating/how much.  I'm seeing that if I actually wait for hunger and not boredom or habit to kick in (or because, well, something is simply yummy), I am not eating as much.  This is good.

How goes everyone else?  Utsi, you're the only one I've talked to recently about this sort of stuff.  Things better?  Everyone else doing okay?

head space: optimisticoptimistic

Oh, I'm so happy for you. It's wonderful that you love the job.

Thank you, thank you, thank you; so am I! ;~)

hanging in :)
tim's been busy writing people up & i thinki will have the violence policy memorized soon O.o

i know i need to post soon. coupon for a movie that expires soon, so dammit, going to a movie mon pm. though if i were smart i'd be recovering from a busy weekend

*hugs* and glad to hear it goes well :)

lol - I know I'm massively late on this reply, and know what is coming up, but here's *hugs* and hoping that you will find some sort of calming peace on your trip. Just in case, however, it probably is a good thing to have that policy memorized.

You know, just in case.

The possibility.

The maybe.

Er... bail money would probably be good about this time.

You did see that movie, yes? *is drawing a blank*

got to see the movie
will reply later in the week
hate ergonomic keyboard.... gotta post on my lj too... and get sleep O.o

I am equal parts happy for you and jealous that you love your new job!! That must be a really great feeling... one I hope to experience some time soon.

Men suck. Online dating sucks worse. I cancelled my eharmony subscription after two months... I had better luck meeting men on my own without having to pay an extra $39.95 a month (or whatever the cost was). The new job should provide a nice change in man-meeting venue, for sure. Also, join some groups or something... I joined a kayak group last summer and just became really active in the past month - met two guys through there already. That is the limit though, since I don't want to be the group hoochie. Out of 324 members, I think that is ok ;-)

Good for you on sticking to the exercise!! It will come, have no doubts. Apparently it just takes about twice as long, at least, if you do exercise without diet changes... Less stress and more happiness will help with the diet though. Maybe even kick up the intensity on the workout a bit to jump start the cal burn since you might have just plateau-ed. And as I say all this, I am slouching on my sofa watching tv and I haven't been to the gym in over a month... one stupid vacation and I lose all ability to stick to a routine.

Anyway, I am really glad that you are happy at the new job. It is amazing how much that alone can improve your life.

lol - okay... then I am equal parts pleased and saddened. ;~)

It is great to enjoy one's job... I just need to be having something to do. Sadly, this is so new for them to have their own 'me' on site, that there's not been a lot to do. But I digress...

Men do suck. And yes, the online dating has just reminded me how much they do. *sigh* Hahahah - yes, I think you're good with the 2 out of 324 - no hoochiness about that!

Still hasn't come with the exercise, but things have come up that have severely limited my workouts for the past few weeks. *eye roll* But I'm mentally in a better place, so maybe the body shall follow?

Thank you! Yes, you're quite right - life and attitude have improved immensely.