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the Tea Tree
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cuppa comfort, with a side of support
We're not in this World alone, so why try to struggle through it all alone, eh?

Pull up a chair, a nice cuppa, some (calorie-free) biscuits and have a word. Be it fitness management or relationship woes, sharing the load eases the burden. Together, we'll solve all our problems and be home in time for a candlelit soak and a good read.


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utsi [userpic]
so far

week one - not tracked
week two - p4 (two hills) - 298 cal - 71.23 min - 29.6km
week 3 - same - 315 cal - 70.06 min - 30.3km
week 4 - same - 354 cal - 70.34 min - 32.8km

yay me for a month! :)
i've upped the height a notch on the hills this week. not sure whether to stay there for a second week or not.

itty bitty steps, but getting there :)
longest i have been able to keep this up so far


Excellente!!!!! Success, 'consistency' is thy name.

Really, wonderful job. And the baby steps are the ones that we stay true to, that get incorporated into our lifestyle and are more permanent. This is a good thing.

Try not too think too far ahead - get into the groove, and make the changes subtle so you stick with them. As the song and saying both go: One day at a time.

I'd stay at the same height for another week, then boost it if you think you'll stick with it higher.

*hugs & high-fives*

:) thanks :)
going for the same i did this week in the upcoming week. dr agrees with me in trying not to set the bar too high, too soon