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the Tea Tree
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cuppa comfort, with a side of support
We're not in this World alone, so why try to struggle through it all alone, eh?

Pull up a chair, a nice cuppa, some (calorie-free) biscuits and have a word. Be it fitness management or relationship woes, sharing the load eases the burden. Together, we'll solve all our problems and be home in time for a candlelit soak and a good read.


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lauri [userpic]
A few tiny things since I'm feeling chatty...

So, just wound down Week Two of Operation HGABOD (Hit Gym At Buttcrack O'Dawn) and the verdict is... success.  Well, as long as I don't count Tuesday, which I had to skip due to early morning fieldwork - there just was not enough time that day.  I will hit the gym tomorrow and Sunday to make up for it.  No day off reward this week, but I did let myself go out to lunch one day.  Breakfast for lunch at Friendly's - it was only $5 and I just had eggs and whole wheat toast... ok, and two slices of bacon...

Enough of the fitness chatter, since that is all I talk about these days.  I'm very focused, can you tell?
As rj_lupins_kat  knows, I signed up for eHarmony a month or so ago.  It's been interesting so far, but I haven't 'met' anyone who has really sparked my interest.  Nor have I actually met any of my matches in person - which is not surprising since the bulk of them are from out-of-state.  There is one from my town who was one of my first matches, so we have been emailing the whole time.  He gave me his phone number right New Years and told me to call him if I wanted.  I replied that I am not a big fan of the phone, that it makes me a little uncomfortable, so not to be surprised if I keep it real quick or take my sweet time in actually making the call.  I had planned on calling him last weekend, but time got away from me and before I knew it, it was Sunday late evening and the last thing I wanted to do was have awkward first-chat conversation, so I put it off.  In that time, I hadn't heard from the guy via eHarmony messaging or anything, so I figured whatever.  Then late Tuesday night, he sent me an email which mentioned maybe getting together this weekend and that I could call or email him to let him know if that would be cool.  So, I replied back that it would be fun and that I would call him the next evening to work something out.  Long story short (though it may be too late for that...), I called him at about 6:55 pm, which in my mind is definitely evening, only for him to answer the phone real awkwardly.  The convo went something like this...

"Hi, Brian?" brief pause, "It's Lauri." Another pause... "From..."
"Oh."  Long pause.
"Is it a bad time?"
"Yeah.  I'm still at work."
"Ok. Well you can call me back later or we can just talk some other time."
"Right.  Talk to you later." Click.

I stared at my phone for a moment just in awe of how weird that was.  Then I got annoyed.  This dude knew that I already find phones awkward, then he acts like that when I call... I found that a bit inconsiderate.  I do understand he was at work, but he could have handled that better. He did not have to answer the phone either, especially since I never gave him my number so he would not have recognized it when I called.  I would have been perfectly content to leave a voicemail.  It was just such a strange interaction that definitely left me feeling that I should close that door.  Needless to say, he did not call me back or sent an email, so perhaps he is thinking the same thing.  So weird.

I guess part of the problem with eHarmony and other online dating tools is that you don't get that initial feel for someone - like the pitch of their voice, the way they speak and interact - until after you have been conversing online for a bit.  Perhaps it is just me, but I tend to build this particular person together in my head based on the pics he has posted, questions he asks, answers he gives to my questions... I do it for everyone I talk to that I have not physically met or spoken to on the phone.  Anyway, this guy's voice did not match the pitch I had envisioned.  Nor did the way he acted match what I imagined. 

Oh well.  I have other matches to pursue... And I am not entirely sure that I am ready to physically meet anyone yet.  This whole online dating thing was an experiment, of sorts, to see if I liked it.

I guess I should go back to work since it is almost lunch time and I haven't done a damn thing all morning.  Wait, that's not true.  I did make a few phone calls.


Ah, a woman of like mind. I was thinking audience, but I didn't (bad me) think of significant other. Ooooh.... excellent point from the paranoia club (of which I am a full-fledged member, thanks).

I was thinking along the lines of 'audience' in front of which he's embarrassed to be doing this? Personally, I like to keep my dating issues private (except those friends with whome I choose to share, obviously ;~) ), but there's also overkill like this guy, and it says he doesn't have that good sort of self-confidence to be himself and pshaw to everyone else.