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the Tea Tree
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cuppa comfort, with a side of support
We're not in this World alone, so why try to struggle through it all alone, eh?

Pull up a chair, a nice cuppa, some (calorie-free) biscuits and have a word. Be it fitness management or relationship woes, sharing the load eases the burden. Together, we'll solve all our problems and be home in time for a candlelit soak and a good read.


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kat [userpic]
In the Beginning...

...it was painful.  And dark.  And damn cold.

Okay, so we're just past a week into the new year.  I have recently learned my high school class wants to have a reunion this year.  Ick.  But among other things, if I go, I will have to go a much slimmer, healthier me.  Thus, more encouragement to improve.

I'd hoped to start the year with a Y membership, as it's very, very close to home, and has awesomeness that has been increased with more stuff in the last few years.  I'd planned to use my new insurance to help pay for it, since it was explained to me many insurances do a reimbursement for gym memberships through their wellness programs.  Wouldn't you know, I looked, and the only thing locally they help with is the initial fee to join, and only for the local Curves joint, which is practically a closet with about five things in it (I've seen online).  Super drat.  So it's all homebound at this point, as I don't have a spare $44 / mo to join the Y on my own.  Plus joining fee.  *sigh*

I've not been superb on healthy eating (though I'm pretty good about that, just eat too much of the yummy stuff and have a bad habit of snacking throughout the day on chocolate).  The latter is slowly improving, but isn't as good as it should be.  However, I HAVE been very diligent about 30 minutes of cardio (away from the dog walking, which isn't as much a workout as I'd like) at least 5-6 days a week.  Improvement!

The winter doesn't help, as I miss the sun, and have no desire to be active between the darkness and cold.  Like you all, I will give myself rewards; I just haven't figured out what yet.

My goals?  Looking at just one at the moment, I'd say to fit into my size 8's and be able to tuck a shirt in.  Progress will be each size down, then with shirt tucked.  THEN I'll see what my weight has become.  Concentrating on pounds doesn't work well for me, because I get too frustrated when waterweight is the loss/gain.  I'm highly vulnerable psychologically when trying to drop weight.

Okay, I think that's it.  Thanks to you all for simply being there, and joining the comm.  It really does help. :)


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Would love to have a bit of nose-thumbing, actually. Not sure the date, but I figure summer. Hopefully late summer, as it would allow more time for better fitness, better job, better love life. I refust to go alone. Oh, the temptation of turning into Kat Ellis (oh, do you not see the coincidental humor in that name???) and have my own 'Wedding Date' - though I figure he'd be more of a 'Reunion Date'... *sigh*

Yeah, I am sort of going with mini-goals - only way to keep motivated.

I've sort of tracked food for a while, but it really is a serious pain in the arse. However, like you, it did slap me a bit in the face to realize just what and how I was eating - serious boredom munching. Much more a mental problem.

Absolutely must work on the 1.5m's of personal space with G. He needs a bit of encouragement to reduce that down a bit. Men. *bangs head against wall*

haha - go us! Woo-hoo!!!!!