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the Tea Tree
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cuppa comfort, with a side of support
We're not in this World alone, so why try to struggle through it all alone, eh?

Pull up a chair, a nice cuppa, some (calorie-free) biscuits and have a word. Be it fitness management or relationship woes, sharing the load eases the burden. Together, we'll solve all our problems and be home in time for a candlelit soak and a good read.


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lauri [userpic]
Week One Success

I am pretty proud of myself and just want to take a moment to share a little something...

I just survived my first week of hitting the gym at 0530 every weekday for an hour before work and I have lost 1 pound for my efforts.

As a reward, I have given myself the day off from the gym tomorrow. My abdominal muscles are grateful for that particular reward. ;-)

Since this venture hasn't killed me yet, I plan to continue with the early morning gym sessions on the weekdays. Weekends will be dependent on my performance during the week - if I behave, I will get a day off. If I miss behave, both Saturday and Sunday will be extra-long torture sessions.

The cool thing is, after keeping an early up, early to bed schedule for a few days, I have already noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep. It's only a slight improvement that started last night, but it is early days yet and will only get better if I keep at it. I so long for a great night's sleep every night that the promise of that alone will keep me motivated.

The health conscious diet hasn't really taken off yet, but I have been eating a little better just by bringing lunch with me to work rather than going out. It will get better this weekend after the much needed trip to the grocery store.



Seriously; I'm envious your stick-to-in'ness of that ungodly hour. I hear ya on the not quite all healthy eating, but you're making strides. Rewards are seriously important; you've chosen some good ones.

It will make you feel better when I post because you'll see how much better you're doing. ;~)

Really, I'm proud of you. Now we just have to get you back into writing. *hugs*

Thanks! I am kind of shocked at myself too, in all honesty!

It is getting ever so slightly easier to get up in the morning and I really enjoy going to bed early, so I am going to ride this out for as long as possible. Today was the first day of week 2 and I did not falter. Yay! Tomorrow will be tough since I have field work - my day starts earlier, so if I want to go to the gym I have to get up at least a half hour earlier... which puts me at 4:30am wakeup, which is too F-in early no matter what your goals are... I set the alarm, but we shall see how that works out.

Thank you for the encouragement and support!

On the writing front, the editing continues... not as speedily as I had originally hoped, but it's moving along. I may be able to finish up on that end by month's end, then February can be grand return to actually writing. It will happen.

your dedication has me in awe. 5:30 O.o blurg...

yay for the lunch efforts! that's a big thing. known calories and wise choices :)

*hugs* and *cheers*

Thanks!! I am kinda in awe myself. I live for sleep so this getting up early thing is big for me... it is getting very slightly easier the more I do it.

Going out to lunch used to be my thing - just to get out of the office, if nothing else. But since we have two conference rooms with TVs, I figured bringing lunch and watching TV for an hour is just as fun and saves money and calories at the same time. Apparently, several others at the office had the same idea so now it is a race to see who can get to the big TV first, but that is all in good fun.

Thanks for the support!!