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the Tea Tree
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cuppa comfort, with a side of support
We're not in this World alone, so why try to struggle through it all alone, eh?

Pull up a chair, a nice cuppa, some (calorie-free) biscuits and have a word. Be it fitness management or relationship woes, sharing the load eases the burden. Together, we'll solve all our problems and be home in time for a candlelit soak and a good read.


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kat [userpic]

I look at 2010 as having been the foundation for a new home, a new livelyhood and atmosphere in which to grow and experience this whirlwind called Life. 

This past year saw a move into my chosen career (finally!), introduction to a great community of IPS fans, the finding/meeting additional awesome friends as well as reconnecting with wonderful current friends (hey, guys!).  And, at the tail end, not only a consistent (gym-based) workout program, but perhaps the key to finally dropping the pounds (thanks, bujyo !).  On the dating front?  Well, if nothing else I think my year of dating attempts has drawn from me a realization of just what it is I want and need in a relationship... and just who/what I am and can offer for them.  Awareness is a good place to start.

All said, I see 2011 as the year to begin putting up the frame and structure of this house, build on that solid foundation of 2010.

I wish you all a wonderful, happy, healthy, safe, and promising 2011.



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kat [userpic]

Just a brief update to say, 'Hallelujiah!'  I love my new job!  (And I haven't even really started on the work, yet)

Yes, the first day at work, and really, it was primarily meeting people and doing hiring paperwork, but really, even that is enough to feel like I have awoken from a nasty, repetitious 12-year-long dream and am now among career-minded and awesome people.  Not that I didn't work with some awesome people at the old job, but ALL of the people I was around today treated me like a person, and asked often if I wanted/needed anything.  You know, like I was an intelligent, educated, had-a-position-to-uphold person.  What a concept!

Out-of-town training will soon be in my future, but not sure when.  It's all superb, and exciting.  They're excited, as well, due to this being a new thing for them to have locally.  Yea!

On other news fronts... 

Men: well, I'm thinking I've wasted money on online dating, as it just never seems to work.  But there's hope in the new job, as a different class of people will be in my association circle.

Health: Still working out regularly, but still not seeing a difference, really.  Not in weight loss, anyway.  Am confused and frustrated, though (again, the new job helps because I'm not massively bored all day and eating to combat said boredom) some prgoress may be made if more attention is put on what I'm eating/how much.  I'm seeing that if I actually wait for hunger and not boredom or habit to kick in (or because, well, something is simply yummy), I am not eating as much.  This is good.

How goes everyone else?  Utsi, you're the only one I've talked to recently about this sort of stuff.  Things better?  Everyone else doing okay?

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lauri [userpic]

 Well, the world is my oyster now that I have been made redundant... just finishing week two of being unemployed, and I must say that I have never felt better.  Amazing, the lack of stress... probably helps that my 'roommates' are my parental units - rent has been reduced, other finances are minimal and manageable.

The best part of all this free time is spending two hours at the gym everyday - at a pleasant time of day, no less!  Unfortunately for me, even with nearly two months of an average of 6 days a week at the gym, I have yet to experience a drop in clothing size.  My clothes fit a little differently, sure, but I do not know if that is a good thing or not...  I did, however, manage to lose 5 pounds four weeks ago and have since put it back on.  I am hoping that it is muscle weight - my calves are solid these days.  My problem, of course, is poor eating habits.  Not so much what I eat, but definitely how much.  I really, really need to work on my portion control.  And my red wine consumption... shame, really, since I LOVE red wine.

I have decided that since I have been consistent with the gym, the next goal is to start running.  March 1st I will begin a new interval training program that will include running.  Short bursts to start - two minutes walking, one minute running - until I hit my groove.  I am hoping that after two weeks of doing that everyday, I should be able to run for ten minutes straight.  After a month, I should be able to run a mile at a decent pace.  Two months, two miles.  Maybe more, maybe less, but no matter what, I will be a runner again by June.

On another note, major career changes are in the works... not sure yet just what they might be - I plan to enjoy a month or two of this unemployment thing first while I contemplate my options - but becoming a high school science teacher is a very good possibility.  Because of the lay-off and my career change endeavor, I have decided to quit graduate school.  The decision was made in part due to the deadline for 50% refund and because I would rather wait to see what my next move is and incorporate the right schooling based on that then continue on in a course of study that may just turn out to be a waste of my time and money - especially since I was paying out of pocket.

And on yet another note, I have started talking to a guy that I 'met' through Facebook through a kayaking group that we both belong to.  He is very smart and funny and we share many of the same interests.  He is also very easy to chat with on the phone - he kept me entertained on the phone for over three hours the other day.  Me!  Three hours on the phone!  So crazy.  The only downfall to this guy is that he is older than I am used to... I mean, I generally like men older than me, but I try to keep limits.  This guy exceeds the limit a bit, but I am unsure yet if is something that cannot be overcome.  We shall see, I guess.

utsi [userpic]

should have done this on sunday.
but lungs are still protesting the dust stirred during the HBA reline :P
add in me b*tching to anyone who has ears about graydon... except to the man himself *sigh*

p4 still
level 2
422 cal 70.02 min 35.4 km total km to date -163.6km
did two days of push me pull me (ten each)
missed a day but did twenty the next day. looks like i'll be doing that twice in week 7 :/

looking forward to getting my space back in two weeks. mixed feelings about it all. i think that increases the cranky factor. need to start setting up some other goals and kill some of the things that have been stagnating and killing me.

more on that later, as i was up early and sleep has been short :P

what's everyone else up to?? and have any of us actually set concrete aims? i'm getting forgettful at this point. good thing i didn't say anything about weight loss - today's coping skills at work included 200+gm of toblerone bars. - hey i started it off by triggering the cash office alarms *sigh* someone didn't disarm the store properly O.o

*hugs* to all

head space: tireddishrag, wiped
soundscape: graydon showering yet again
utsi [userpic]

p4 still
level 2
425 cal 70.04 min 35.5km total km to date -128.2km

10 minutes seems about right and means that i don't feel pushed (big thing for me). being pushed usually results in me stopping. so i am going to stick with the ten a day and keep trucking. i've decided to add a total travelled to inspire me as well. these things help keep the incentive going i think.

that being said - i am going to aim for maintaining my totals in teh upcoming week. talked to dr carla about it, and she was really pleased with where my headspace was going with this. i am thinking ahead and trying not to set myself up for impossible stuff. because ten minutes is finite, and i don;t want to be trying to kill what little i have accomplished by setting mysefl up to fail. go me! ;)

i am adding in the odd ten push and ten pull ups in the doorframe. not consistant. only did it twice this week. no pressure - just seeing where i can go with it. did some arm range movements too once. i might try to add in more of those (given my bad shoulders and elbows :P)

good news is that this has been enough to get me off of one drug i suspect. which is a bit of a laugh. i am so sensitive that i can only take 1mg of celexa. it has to be specially compounded for me. i am a medical freak that way. sensitive to micrograms - or tolerant like a bull elephant (drs love me ;) not)

so one Rx less least week and doing okay, might even say better. side effect is irritabilty, and i have been less so. i can deal with teh funky blues better than snapping at folks. at least the former is better for holding onto the paying job than the latter...

okay - off to haul the laundry done at a friends last night up here. i don;t have to worry about stairs. it's five flights up to the third floor here, and i work upstairs at work (with constant trips down to the floor for other work there). some day i should count the steps *g*

utsi [userpic]

week one - not tracked
week two - p4 (two hills) - 298 cal - 71.23 min - 29.6km
week 3 - same - 315 cal - 70.06 min - 30.3km
week 4 - same - 354 cal - 70.34 min - 32.8km

yay me for a month! :)
i've upped the height a notch on the hills this week. not sure whether to stay there for a second week or not.

itty bitty steps, but getting there :)
longest i have been able to keep this up so far

kat [userpic]

Just an update for the, er, heck of it.

Been pretty consistent in working out 30 minutes of cardio, 5 days a week (I consider taking the dog out for long walks a bonus that I don't count).  Been doing the aerobic thing whilst watching morning or midday news, following along the Billy Banks' Taebo.  There is a cringe factor here, in that I have to correct some of his moves for myself, as I will not throw away over a decade of proper martial arts techniques for the sake of cardio.  Some I have to deal with, as the 'improper' way is working certain muscles that otherwise wouldn't be worked, but I remind myself as I go, 'don't do this outside of workouts.'

Don't know if it's done much on the weight loss, but I admit I feel better if I have worked out.  Three days a week, I try to work in some resistence or weight training.  Must gather more toys to do more.

Biggest problem has been 'goodies.'  Actually, I eat fairly healthily, and generally not 'too much' per se.  Where I fail is that between those healthy meals, I have the not-so-healthy snacks.  It doesn't take much, but I definitely eat more of them than I should.  I mean, volume-wise they aren't much, but a couple handfuls of M&Ms is a LOT of calories.  So... I won't give them up entirely (after all, dark chocolate is good for you, and it may surprise you, but I have found chocolate to settle my stomach when it gets all queasy-ish in the mornings).  But I do need to improve on how much/often I splurge upon the tiny bundles of dynamite calories.  Oh, and Potato Skins.  My two weaknesses.  This must improve.  Otherwise, I think I'm making progress in that I've been doing the Taebo instead of the treadmill, which I did religiously and still didn't improve because I barely raised my heartrate with muscles well trained and built.  What I'm doing now is actually challenging, and I can switch it up when I get bored.  Thank God for You Tube (entire workout is uploaded there!).

On the dating front...  I swear men are totally intimidated by the MA.  Got a fair number of interested 'hellos' from men, until the pic of me in uniform doing a kata was posted, then they mostly stopped.  Could have been the fact I'm out of shape, but something tells me it's more the what I'm doing than how I look on that one.  But I have one that is up to calling.  Like Lauri, I'm not a phone person with someone I don't know much about, but we'll see.  Missed each other last night, but we're trying for tomorrow night.

Okay, that is all for now.  I posted on my personal LJ tonight, too - the results of a quiz I took to learn if my cats are trying to kill me.  91% affirmative.

Hope things are going well for all of you...


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lauri [userpic]

So, just wound down Week Two of Operation HGABOD (Hit Gym At Buttcrack O'Dawn) and the verdict is... success.  Well, as long as I don't count Tuesday, which I had to skip due to early morning fieldwork - there just was not enough time that day.  I will hit the gym tomorrow and Sunday to make up for it.  No day off reward this week, but I did let myself go out to lunch one day.  Breakfast for lunch at Friendly's - it was only $5 and I just had eggs and whole wheat toast... ok, and two slices of bacon...

Enough of the fitness chatter, since that is all I talk about these days.  I'm very focused, can you tell?
As rj_lupins_kat  knows, I signed up for eHarmony a month or so ago.  It's been interesting so far, but I haven't 'met' anyone who has really sparked my interest.  Nor have I actually met any of my matches in person - which is not surprising since the bulk of them are from out-of-state.  There is one from my town who was one of my first matches, so we have been emailing the whole time.  He gave me his phone number right New Years and told me to call him if I wanted.  I replied that I am not a big fan of the phone, that it makes me a little uncomfortable, so not to be surprised if I keep it real quick or take my sweet time in actually making the call.  I had planned on calling him last weekend, but time got away from me and before I knew it, it was Sunday late evening and the last thing I wanted to do was have awkward first-chat conversation, so I put it off.  In that time, I hadn't heard from the guy via eHarmony messaging or anything, so I figured whatever.  Then late Tuesday night, he sent me an email which mentioned maybe getting together this weekend and that I could call or email him to let him know if that would be cool.  So, I replied back that it would be fun and that I would call him the next evening to work something out.  Long story short (though it may be too late for that...), I called him at about 6:55 pm, which in my mind is definitely evening, only for him to answer the phone real awkwardly.  The convo went something like this...

"Hi, Brian?" brief pause, "It's Lauri." Another pause... "From..."
"Oh."  Long pause.
"Is it a bad time?"
"Yeah.  I'm still at work."
"Ok. Well you can call me back later or we can just talk some other time."
"Right.  Talk to you later." Click.

I stared at my phone for a moment just in awe of how weird that was.  Then I got annoyed.  This dude knew that I already find phones awkward, then he acts like that when I call... I found that a bit inconsiderate.  I do understand he was at work, but he could have handled that better. He did not have to answer the phone either, especially since I never gave him my number so he would not have recognized it when I called.  I would have been perfectly content to leave a voicemail.  It was just such a strange interaction that definitely left me feeling that I should close that door.  Needless to say, he did not call me back or sent an email, so perhaps he is thinking the same thing.  So weird.

I guess part of the problem with eHarmony and other online dating tools is that you don't get that initial feel for someone - like the pitch of their voice, the way they speak and interact - until after you have been conversing online for a bit.  Perhaps it is just me, but I tend to build this particular person together in my head based on the pics he has posted, questions he asks, answers he gives to my questions... I do it for everyone I talk to that I have not physically met or spoken to on the phone.  Anyway, this guy's voice did not match the pitch I had envisioned.  Nor did the way he acted match what I imagined. 

Oh well.  I have other matches to pursue... And I am not entirely sure that I am ready to physically meet anyone yet.  This whole online dating thing was an experiment, of sorts, to see if I liked it.

I guess I should go back to work since it is almost lunch time and I haven't done a damn thing all morning.  Wait, that's not true.  I did make a few phone calls.

kat [userpic]

...it was painful.  And dark.  And damn cold.

Okay, so we're just past a week into the new year.  I have recently learned my high school class wants to have a reunion this year.  Ick.  But among other things, if I go, I will have to go a much slimmer, healthier me.  Thus, more encouragement to improve.

I'd hoped to start the year with a Y membership, as it's very, very close to home, and has awesomeness that has been increased with more stuff in the last few years.  I'd planned to use my new insurance to help pay for it, since it was explained to me many insurances do a reimbursement for gym memberships through their wellness programs.  Wouldn't you know, I looked, and the only thing locally they help with is the initial fee to join, and only for the local Curves joint, which is practically a closet with about five things in it (I've seen online).  Super drat.  So it's all homebound at this point, as I don't have a spare $44 / mo to join the Y on my own.  Plus joining fee.  *sigh*

I've not been superb on healthy eating (though I'm pretty good about that, just eat too much of the yummy stuff and have a bad habit of snacking throughout the day on chocolate).  The latter is slowly improving, but isn't as good as it should be.  However, I HAVE been very diligent about 30 minutes of cardio (away from the dog walking, which isn't as much a workout as I'd like) at least 5-6 days a week.  Improvement!

The winter doesn't help, as I miss the sun, and have no desire to be active between the darkness and cold.  Like you all, I will give myself rewards; I just haven't figured out what yet.

My goals?  Looking at just one at the moment, I'd say to fit into my size 8's and be able to tuck a shirt in.  Progress will be each size down, then with shirt tucked.  THEN I'll see what my weight has become.  Concentrating on pounds doesn't work well for me, because I get too frustrated when waterweight is the loss/gain.  I'm highly vulnerable psychologically when trying to drop weight.

Okay, I think that's it.  Thanks to you all for simply being there, and joining the comm.  It really does help. :)


where i'm at: Antartica?
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lauri [userpic]

I am pretty proud of myself and just want to take a moment to share a little something...

I just survived my first week of hitting the gym at 0530 every weekday for an hour before work and I have lost 1 pound for my efforts.

As a reward, I have given myself the day off from the gym tomorrow. My abdominal muscles are grateful for that particular reward. ;-)

Since this venture hasn't killed me yet, I plan to continue with the early morning gym sessions on the weekdays. Weekends will be dependent on my performance during the week - if I behave, I will get a day off. If I miss behave, both Saturday and Sunday will be extra-long torture sessions.

The cool thing is, after keeping an early up, early to bed schedule for a few days, I have already noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep. It's only a slight improvement that started last night, but it is early days yet and will only get better if I keep at it. I so long for a great night's sleep every night that the promise of that alone will keep me motivated.

The health conscious diet hasn't really taken off yet, but I have been eating a little better just by bringing lunch with me to work rather than going out. It will get better this weekend after the much needed trip to the grocery store.

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